Staff and Volunteers believing that we can make a difference.


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are responsible for helping WEBS to stay on track, meet goals, and modify or create policies and procedures. 


Board Members

K. Nicole Taylor

Dwight Deberry

Linda Barnes

Hattie Giliam

Marti Cox


Pat Culp

WEBS Executive Director


Our Partners

Our partners help us to execute our vision by providing volunteers, resources, services or support for various activities.  WEBS desires to build more partnerships.



Christian Women Job Corp (CWJC)

Lifeline to Success

Chosen Vessel Ministries


A Hand Up not a Hand Out(CWJC Sites)


Our Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to support all of the activities and programs in place to help women in need. Volunteers must be trained and cleared to serve in the prison facility.


Mindy Boyd

Martha Pitts

Lena Taylor

John C. Taylor, Sr.

Jackie Lanier

Merle Thomas

Cassandra Gray

Linda Barnes

K. Nicole Taylor

Hattie Gilliam

Dwight Deberry

Renee Reed

Annie Bonner

Susan Mynatt

Pat Culp

Marti Cox

Antonia Thomas

Suzanne Jackson

Denise Futrell

Gail Martin

Gerald Boyd