Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you extend resources to help women offenders?

The fact that women are the nurturers of the family and with the growing rate of single parent households, it is imperative that we prepare these mothers and grandmothers to return home prepared to be support themselves and their families.


Are the families of these offenders positively affected by your programs?

The programs that are provided are all geared toward enhance reconciliation to the family and the community.


Do you only help women offenders of the Christian faith?

All of the women in the facilities are welcomed to our programs


Are the women required to meet any qualifications to participate in WEBS programs or activities?

The women are only asked to commit to the duration of the programs.


Does your organization only assist women offenders?

Our organization is part of a nationwide organization that services all women. Our particular organization focus group is women offenders.


What requirements do I have to meet to serve as a volunteer?

Volunteers are required to attend training and facility orientation.


How can someone I know in prison sign up for your program?

The offender should check with the Chaplain at that facility or the Volunteer Coordinator.


If I give your organization a donation, can I write it off of my taxes?

Each donor will receive a thank you letter with a tax deductible contribution statement.


How will my donation help WEBS and its clients?

Donations allow WEBS to hire professionals and purchase materials used by the women.